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Learn about how the wide range of HANSA’s faucets managed to complete the well-matched Hygna design concept. 

About Hygna Chalets  

Authentic hygge lifestyle and silence as a source of strength. With an understated, yet elegant design Hygna Chalets welcomes those seeking tranquillity and beautiful views in the Tyrolean Alpbachtal. 

Traditional materials such as wood and stone combined with minimalistic, exclusive design, characterize the modern interior of the eleven chalet units. Located in the middle of nature, where a sauna, crackling fireplaces, and an infinity hot tub with impressive views over the mountains are the only company you need, it creates the perfect ambience and idyllic solitude for a time-out in complete privacy.  

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The challenge: Combining well-matched design with the “Hygna Charm”  

“Hygna is a feeling”– that’s how visitors describe their stays at the Chalets. And that’s also the journey that the team at Hygna wants to send its customers on during their stays: Feeling at home in an open and modern space that connects seamlessly with the surrounding environment to let minds wander and bodies re-connect with nature.  

And with unique moments of wellness and relaxation as the number one priority, everything – from comforting rain showers to free-standing modern bathtubs and elegant, wall-mounted faucets had to be perfect.   

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As a result, the Hygna team searched for a range of different products that could guarantee a fit with the individual designs and application areas of each chalet unit, while also preserving the well-matched overall design and charm of the place. 


The solution: Attention to detail and a wide product portfolio for perfect alignment   

Preceded by a long-term partnership with HANSA, they assessed the project and discussed the team’s ideas – with the overall ambition to preserve the chalets’ traditional spirit and the overall Hygna design concept.  

After suggesting a pre-selection of products, implementation followed in close collaboration with HANSA ensuring a seamless process from the planning phase to the installation of the last fitting. 

Offering a wide variety of product lines, HANSA was able to cover all areas of application without compromise. 

Hygna©bureaurabensteiner-9308                                                                                    Image: @bureaurabensteiner


The result: Stunning elegance and a perfect match for every room 

 Matt Black fittings for the kitchen and the bathroom turned out to be the perfect choice to add a spark of luxury to the clean modern design of the kitchen, bathroom, and shower.

Hygna©bureaurabensteiner-9238 - Kopie












Images: @bureaurabensteiner


Plus, the clean design of the HANSAPUBLIC faucets is not just a visual highlight that completes the “rustic” looks of the stone-carved washbasins. It also provides the right height and angle for a pleasant and soothing water stream and reduces the risk of water splashes – a common challenge of special-shaped washbasins.  


Hygna©bureaurabensteiner-9258-2                                                                                               Image: @bureaurabensteiner

To complete the unique bathroom experience, a comprehensive shower system was chosen to pamper visitors with a soothing rain shower and an accompanied flexible hand shower to treat tired bodies with a relaxing spray. 




Image: @bureaurabensteiner


Modest design that creates bright and open spaces 

When it comes to the layout of the chalets’ parlour, vast and open spaces take center stage

We want to give our visitors all the space they need to let their minds wander and to enjoy the infinite beauty of this area.”, explains Norbert Moser, manager of the project. 

For the rooms setup, that also meant thinking outside of the box. Placing the bathtub next to the window and the bed, instead of the bathroom, is only one example of the chalets’ unique makeup. That’s also why the HANSASTELA bathtub faucets were chosen, shaping an uncluttered, clean and open look that amplifies the feeling of freedom and unlimited space. 


Hygna©bureaurabensteiner-9141 - Kopie

Image: @bureaurabensteiner

“The modern fixtures perfectly complement our wide range of natural materials such as reclaimed wood and stone. Especially in our open comfort zone, the minimalistic design of the HANSASTELA bathtub faucets put the perfect final touch to our free-standing bathtubs and invite our visitors to feel comfortable, grounded, and relaxed.”, says Norbert Moser, manager of the project. 

Comfort beyond design 

For the Hygna team comfort also meant durability and spare parts reliability. After all, it’s intuitive and well-functioning equipment that makes or breaks the experience of any visitor. By relying on HANSA’s high-quality products and reliable service, the Hygna team could maintain its luxurious standard and guarantee peacefully tranquil experiences. 

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