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When Viking Line planned the design and interior of its new passenger cruise ship, Viking Glory, equipping the 222-metre vessel’s bathrooms and kitchens with the right choice of faucets was a smooth sailing process. Putting environment and comfort first, Viking Line naturally turned to HANSA as the reliable partner to help them deliver a variety of faucet solutions renowned for being user- and environmentally friendly.

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Thanks to advanced, innovative technological solutions, Viking Glory, which will sail passengers from Finland and Sweden, including some international passengers, is set to become the world’s most environmentally friendly passenger ship. From bow to stern, no compromise was made ensuring the highest standards of comfort, safety and sustainability were upheld onboard the vessel – and where else to look for evidence of this other than the faucets?


The challenge: Designing an interior anchored in style and sustainability

At the helm of coordinating interior design for Viking Glory and responsible for the planning of crew areas and cabins was, Architect, Johan Nordberg. He was tasked with the challenge of designing an interior that would spark continued interest amongst passengers in travelling on Viking Line ships.

This meant installing a variety of faucet solutions that echoed Viking Glory’s taste for Nordic maritime, timeless thinking and understated luxury. As well as achieving the right aesthetic, a ship of this calibre also required innovative and sustainable faucet solutions to live up to its pledge of being the world’s most environmentally friendly passenger ship.


The solution: A familiar faucet delivered by a reliable partner

HANSA was selected as the obvious partner to provide faucet solutions for Viking Glory’s bathrooms and kitchens. With a variety of HANSA faucet solutions installed on Viking Line’s older fleet, ship personnel were already familiar with them.

“HANSA is a renowned manufacturer that we have been using since the 1980s, which meant it felt natural to continue this relationship.”

By partnering up, Viking Line combined their extensive expertise of ship projects with HANSA’ s customised support and solutions. Models were agreed early in the project to avoid logistical delays between Finland and the Shipbuilding yard in China. Due to well-organised planning, HANSA products and solutions arrived on schedule.


Viking _toilet_420x280Toilet_faucet_420x280








The project placed high importance on installing familiar products with a reputation for sustainable innovation. For this reason, HANSAPINTO washbasin faucets were chosen for the cabins. Their sleek, universal design and sustainable 6l/min water consumption made them the perfect choice, striking the right balance between comfort and style while helping save water and energy on board the vessel.




A wide range of shower sets and systems enabled the Viking Line team to tailor installations to their visitors’ needs and the vessel’s individual requirements, finding a perfect match for every bathroom layout. By selecting the HANSAMICRA shower solutions, for example, guests get to enjoy both timeless design and functional features that ensure uniquely comfortable, safe and ecofriendly shower experiences.



With touchless fittings, water consumption can be reduced by half, while user-friendliness and hygiene rise to new heights. For these reasons, the HANSAELECTRA range was selected for public WCs and kitchens. The touchless technology will help Viking Line’s new ship deliver on its commitment to safety and responsible operations, as it prepares to welcome passengers in a post-pandemic and climate-concerned world.


The result: All hands on deck: A ship with a new design and a unique interior

A few delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic meant that the ship was finally delivered in February 2022, six and a half years after plans for the ship commenced. The newly designed vessel brought a familiar yet striking interior that went down well with passengers.

With the overall goal to deliver the most environmentally friendly passenger ship ever built, Viking Line looks back on a successful building project that upheld Viking Glory’s commitment to passenger safety and comfort, whilst saving energy and water consumption onboard the vessel of tomorrow.


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