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Slender, timeless and high-quality - the modern new edition of the popular HANSAVANTIS faucet series fits perfectly with different styles and user needs. The new HANSAVANTIS Style design line is likely to produce an "aha" moment, especially among lovers of modern classics and home improvement: The timeless design of the fittings combines filigree chic with the latest, intelligent technology. The extensive assortment of both faucet lines convinces with numerous different variants, including a hybrid faucet – a new must have in all bathrooms. The new line will be available from fall 2022.

40210_Hansa_Vantis_Basin01.tif-block-desktop-860x480Timeless and high-quality: the modern, slim new edition of the popular HANSAVANTIS faucet series fits perfectly with different styles and user needs.

Contemporary design combined with functional convenience - with the new  HANSAVANTIS, the fittings manufacturer  HANSA offers a recognizable, modern new edition of the popular HANSAVANTIS product series. The result is a design faucet with an excellent price-performance ratio, whose development focused on a wide range of applications and user-friendliness: With a timelessly elegant look that perfectly matches the slim design and soft-cubic shapes of modern bathrooms, and through variants in different sizes that can be perfectly combined with all shapes of modern washbasin designs. The body of the faucet in the various versions is significantly slimmer than the previous variants, and the design of the levers is also more delicate and graceful.

The new faucet models will be available with both standard and pin levers and in sizes S, M and L. HANSA thus covers a wide range of applications from guest bathrooms and standard washbasins to double washbasins. The high side-operated faucet combines elegant design with convenient handling thanks to practical extras: the swiveling spout ensures plenty of hand freedom and thus also makes it easy to wash hair or fill containers at the washbasin. All versions are characterized by their easy-maintenance design; in addition to levers made of a single casting, the virtually seamless surface of the faucet body reduces the buildup of limescale and dirt.


HANSAVANTIS Style and HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid: the new generation classics

With the new HANSAVANTIS Style, an archetype that harmonizes with every bathroom style and remains current for decades is making its way into modern bathrooms: The newly defined line impresses with a purist and timelessly impressive appearance. The hybrid model offers a new, more convenient and sustainable way to use and experience water.

HANSAVANTIS Style will be available with both top and side pin lever options and in different sizes and versions: as a standard model, it is compatible with almost all common washbasin sizes and shapes, while the high variant is particularly suitable for prestigious environments. Various exposed and concealed solutions for showers and bathtubs are included in the assortment and the oversized floor-standing bath faucet perfectly rounds off the overall look of freestanding bathtubs.

A special highlight is the HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid, a 2-in-1 faucet with both manual and touchless operation. Water can be activated either via the side sensor or the side lever. Thus, it offers more freedom in use: the user can choose to wash hands with the touchless function, without touching the lever – or to open the faucet traditionally from the lever. The hybrid offers more convenience and flexibility in use and is also a sustainable choice: less water and energy are being consumed when using the touchless function. Via the free HANSA Connect app, settings such as water flow time, sensor distance or the rinsing mode can be individually configured via Bluetooth® technology; the total consumption or the battery status can also be called up.

Slender design and graceful shapes make this faucet the highlight of any space. The concealed aerator underlines the successful overall appearance and, like the flowing design of the faucet body, provides an additional advantage in terms of easy cleaning.


Stylish, versatile and easy to install

Design lovers benefit from a timelessly beautiful and elegant eye-catcher in the bathroom, plumbing professionals from the usual solid workmanship made of high-quality brass and the safe and quick installation. Thanks to the HANSA 3S-Installation system, the faucet can be installed effortlessly with one hand using just one fastening part, even under difficult installation conditions. Specialist tradesmen save a good half of the usual assembly time thanks to the innovative 3S-Installation system.

Also the HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid is easier to install than ever before, thanks to a new simplified structure and technology. The hybrid installation unit is small in size and can easily fit under any washbasin. No extra holes to the wall are needed when installing. The thermostat provides pre-mixed water when touchless function  is being used. The desired water temperature can be easily adjusted under the sink, within the thermostat. The hybrid faucet is available with both battery and mains power.

In both lines, the latest generation of the HANSA 3.0 cartridge ensures a slim appearance. In addition, both HANSAVANTIS and HANSAVANTIS Style score with their versatility: in addition to top- and side-operated single-lever mixers or the hybrid variant and the free-standing floor-mounted mixer, various exposed and concealed solutions, with fit to the HANSABLUEBOX and HANSAMATRIX installation systems for showers and bathtubs, round off the newly designed lines. Also matching kitchen faucets and thermostatic shower systems are available.

This is what all variants have in common: a modern, recognizable design, high-quality and durable materials, and smart functions for maximum user convenience.



The new must-have in every bathroom: HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid offers a new, more comfortable and sustainable way to use and experience water.


40210_Hansa_Vantis_Style_Basin04The slim and elegant single-lever mixer from the new HANSAVANTIS Style product series cuts a fine figure and is suitable for many different washbasin and interior design styles.


40210_Hansa_Vantis_Basin04The new HANSAVANTIS is a designer faucet with a timelessly elegant look is optimally matched to the design of modern bathrooms and can be perfectly combined with all forms of current washbasin designs thanks to a large selection of variants.



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