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Shorter showers are just one way to save water and energy in our homes. With technology helping us cut consumption by up to half, looking out for faucets with dedicated sustainability features can help achieve major savings without compromising on comfort.

Did you know that installing water-saving devices in our buildings is seen as one of the key solutions to sparing tomorrow’s resources?

According to the latest estimates, we can expect a more efficient use of water and electricity by nearly 40% through technological improvements alone. So what are the latest technological advancements and which faucet is the right for you to save resources during your day-to-day routine?

We compiled a list of our top-of-class sustainable showers, washbasin and kitchen faucets, equipped with water-and-energy-saving features — from touchless sensors to low-flow settings.


  1. HANSA MICRA shower system

The innovative shower system is specifically designed to prevent water waste by limiting water flow without compromising comfort. Equipped with an individually adjustable water-saving function (EcoFlow), you can save up to 60% water during your shower routine.


But sparing resources means much more than reducing our use of water. It also means saving energy whenever we can. That’s why our eco-friendly shower systems come with built-in temperature limiters. An integrated safety stop makes sure the water temperature stays within an energy-friendly range and only exceeds 38°C when activated through a special button.


  1. HANSA VANTIS STYLE washbasin faucets

For the modern bathroom, this hybrid washbasin faucet combines the best of both worlds allowing you to operate it both manually by using the lever or touchless with the help of integrated smart sensors that detect moving hands.

This can lead to important water savings as the water flow activates only when hands are within the recognition range. That way, you can rest assured that water runs only when needed.

Curious to learn more about your consumption patterns? By connecting your faucet to the HANSA app, you get to do just that and also customise the faucet’s functions according to your needs. You can, for example, set the faucet’s after-flow time to a duration that minimises your water use.



  1. HANSA POLO kitchen faucets

Imagine your faucet used less water without you even noticing. That’s exactly what the HANSA POLO does. Lowering the amount of water released per minute, it helps you achieve major water and energy savings during your everyday kitchen tasks. Whether that’s washing your hands or cleaning pans and pots.



It also comes with an integrated cold start feature which can have quite an impact on your energy use. By setting cold water as the default mode, no energy is wasted on heating up water for simple day-by-day operations, such as washing hands.


  1. Digital hand shower

Most of us have good intentions to minimise our use of water and energy. But keeping track of our daily consumption can become quite a challenge and all too often, we only get to see the numbers when opening our water and energy bills.



If becoming smarter and changing your everyday behaviour in real-time is a priority, it might be a good idea to upgrade your current setup with a digital hand shower. With its stylish design, the digital HANSA ACTIVEJET is equipped with smart functionalities that provide real-time feedback on your water and energy use via an integrated display. By connecting the hand shower to the digital hand shower App, you can also set water consumption goals, receive data on your long-term usage, and access valuable tips on saving water.


  1. HANSA STELA washbasin faucet

The HANSA STELA washbasin faucet is the perfect choice if you plan to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom but still aim to save resources.



Coming in different variants, you can flexibly select your preferred operating mode – whether that’s integrating touchless features or going for a single lever that’s equipped with low-flow functionality. The perfect balance of smart design and ECO features helps limit temperatures and flow rates and keeps water and energy waste at a minimum.

While saving water often comes down to habits and behaviour, our extensive range of technological solutions for kitchens and bathrooms can play a crucial part in reducing our resource consumption. And even if only implementing one of these, you can already have a big impact on preventing water and energy from going to waste.


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