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According to the latest Houzz kitchen and bath research, renewing bathroom fixtures is high in demand. In fact, 88% of renovating homeowners also upgrade their bathroom faucets while they’re at it. Read about the latest consumer trends and find out what you can expect from your next faucet update.

We expect today’s fittings to offer more than just reliable functionality. With every new faucet, we should also demand new styles and features. Consumers seek versatile solutions that satisfy a wider range of requirements – from conserving water and energy to offering unique styles and guaranteeing easy usability through a range of features that can be customised via accompanied Apps. We can and should expect today’s faucets to become tailored to our unique needs.

Let’s dive into the 3 most common consumer needs.


1. ECO features to save resources and track consumption

We demand more than good looks from today’s faucets. A growing number of homeowners are shifting their focus to smarter ways of conserving resources and monitoring daily water and energy use.



That’s why most modern faucets integrate ECO features, which are specifically designed to to help us use less water without even noticing. Faucets with low-flow functionality, for example, limit the amount of water that’s leaving our faucets while still maintaining a pleasant, consistent water stream for pursuing our daily activities.


2. Perfect fit, perfect comfort

Designing for better comfort has experienced a renaissance in many of today’s kitchens. More often, we see homeowners' kitchens equipped with faucets that feature advanced functionalities, and surfaces and layouts reminiscent of professional restaurant kitchens.

That’s why, in recent years, many manufacturers have updated existing bathroom collections to meet an ever-growing demand for smart design and helpful additional features that make everyday life as comfortable as it gets.



Following a common request of consumers, our latest faucets come in various sizes to fit different washbasin designs and layouts. As basins often differ in size, shape and styles, finding a faucet that matches both in looks and in functionality is key.

Whether it’s a high spout, a pin lever or a side-operated faucet that brings more comfort to our homes, it’s all about those small design changes that make everyday tasks significantly more convenient. From washing hands to cleaning the sink basin, perfectly fitting faucets mean perfect comfort and peace of mind.


3. Hybrid, touchless and other exciting features to support everyday tasks

New technological innovations have also made it possible to integrate smart tech features into our faucets – a trend that’s still advancing to give homeowners exactly what they need and ease everyday life. 

HYBRID faucets, for example, are considered the new must-have for those looking to make water use more convenient – and ecological. They’re known for combining the best of both worlds ­– automatic (touchless) and manual operation – and allow you to either use the lever or choose handy touchless features for washing hands and equipment without touching any surfaces.

Automatic activation features, which engage high temperatures and water flow only when necessary, not only deliver more comfort and safety to homeowners, they also empower us to save vast amounts of water and energy during our everyday routines.



What’s more, consumers also expect to become smarter through digital features. By enabling us to customise faucet settings, activate cleaning modes according to individual needs and receive personalised reports via connected Apps, we can anticipate having more knowledge and control over our daily consumption in the future.

From resource-saving features to well-thought-out designs and smart, built-in technology, we can and should anticipate bathroom faucets to bring more comfort and ease to our everyday lives.


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We’re excited to see a wide range of designs and models in the coming years that advance our daily comfort, but also elevate the look and feel of our bathrooms. With a combination of slim proportions, modern shapes and multiple finishes, it’s about time to turn our bathrooms into an attraction of their own.


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