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If your next job involves installing a shower system, we know that sometimes the unexpected happens.


Here are the 5 most common pitfalls of setting up shower systems – and simple solutions you can turn to if things don’t go as planned.


1. Problem: The shower faucet hits the ceiling


You’re replacing an existing shower with a new system. You realise that the existing installation and connection points are placed too high and the new shower head hits the ceiling.



We suggest installing a shower set that can be shortened. For example, HANSAFIT or HANSAMICRA provide great solutions. However, before you do, make sure to thoroughly clean the pipe after cutting it to avoid damaging the O-Rings. If you’re unsure how to cut pipes or whether the pipes of that one specific shower system can be cut, consult the HANSA technical support.

Alternatively, you can go for a separate faucet and overhead shower set – like the elegant HANSAPRISMA shower faucet combined with the HANSABASICJET overhead shower.


40138_Hansa_Micra (1).jpgHANSAMICRA rain shower you can cut the shower pipe to adjust the height of the rain shower system to any space.


2. Problem: The shower set is too low

You’re replacing an older shower with a new one. But this time, the connection points are positioned too low, making the shower unsuitable for taller users.


We suggest using a shower set that can be extended at the time of installation to accommodate the person’s height. For example, the HANSAEMOTION shower can be easily extended by 10 cm with the available extension parts.

To find the shower set that best fits your bathroom, we recommend contacting the HANSA customer service or technical support.


3. Problem: Using or covering existing holes

You’d like to either cover or use the existing holes from an old shower bar when installing the new system.


Choose a shower set with a height-adjustable wall brackets. This will allow you to mount the fixture exactly where the existing holes are placed. We recommend the HANSAMICRA rain shower.

See a video of how the height-adjustable wall-brackets make installation easier:

4. Problem: The connection points are misplaced

You’re installing a new shower for a shower tub and realise the existing connection points are not located in the middle of the tub. This then causes misalignment of the shower.


We recommend installing a shower system equipped with a shower pipe, which is adjustable to the suitable angle. This will allow you to fix the shower head at the centre of the tub. The HANSATEMPRA is a great example.



5. Problem: Hot and cold water inlet piping is reversed

You’re installing the shower thermostat and notice that the piping inlets for hot and cold water are reversed.


You can install a shower thermostat with reversed cold-hot water connection. For example, you can make use of the HANSAMICRA shower faucet, where connections are inverted by default.

Alternatively, you can install the HANSATEMPRA shower set and replace the regular thermostatic cartridge with a reversed cartridge. For this specific component, the HANSA spare part number is 59912463.



Visiting your customers well-prepared is a great way to manage the unexpected and ensure your job goes as smoothly as possible. We hope this guide helped, but if you’re still unsure, you can always reach out to the HANSA technical support.


Discover the range of HANSA shower systems.


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