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Is your bathroom a bit out of date? Has your faucet seen better days? Complete renovations are expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. Here are five easy upgrades you can do for a fraction of the price of a full renovation. 



Given the amount of time we all spend in our bathrooms, small upgrades actually can have quite an impact on our daily lives: not only does a well-designed bathroom look good, it feels good too. What’s more, a freshly upgraded bathroom is a wise investment and can increase the value of any home. 

Luckily, you don’t always need to take on a full renovation project to achieve a fresh look and feel. 

For you to get rolling, we gathered a list of upgrades to help you kick start upgrading your bathroom to a fraction of the price of a full renovation. 


Thinking of adding touch-free technologies, sustainable materials or modern design features? Here are 5 simple upgrades that will help polish up your bathroom and create a smarter, resource-efficient design.  


1. Bring in fresh design elements


Have a good look around in your bathroom. You’ll certainly find a good amount of elements that could use a touch-up. From towel racks and bathroom tissue holders to mirror cabinets, your room’s lighting concept, and small decorative elements. Refreshing old furniture with more contemporary design elements is always a good starting point.  

Often, it’s the small things that can make a difference. For example, instead of fully replacing your interior setup, consider adding new handles and pulls to your existing furniture. Whether bathroom cabinets or drawers, the selection of handles is extensive and can brush up the overall appearance of any bathroom in no time. Mind that there may be differences in hole dimensions and distance between holes. Look for handles with the same holes as the old ones or prepare to make new holes.  


2. Replace fixtures  


Updating your existing fixtures for a more modern look requires small effort but can bring a whole new feel to your bathroom. In fact, most of the faucets installed in our homes have standard dimensions, making them easily replaceable. 

 Touchless faucets, for example, are a well-known picture in today’s public bathrooms as they can keep water consumption low and create a more hygienic environment. In recent years, they’ve more and more made their way into our private bathrooms offering an extensive range of elegant, modern designs for you to select from. For good reasons: By replacing your washbasin faucet with the latest touchless models, you can bring a fresh feel to your bathroom and significantly reduce your daily water consumption by 50%.  


HANSATWIST Matt Black EditionStela-waterfall_1080x1080

[Note: please always use a professional plumber for the installation of the faucet.] 


If touchless is just not for you, there’s also a variety of modern faucets out there that can create an elegant and timeless look. Matt black faucets, for example, or outstanding design models with beautiful waterfall stream features can help you bring style and a touch of nature to your bathroom, all while maintaining a low flow rate of only 6 litres per minute.  


Considering replacing your washbasin faucet but still in doubt about which one to go for? Here’s how our latest AR technology can help you find the right one.


3. Update your shower head  


While you’re at it, have a look at your shower head. Perhaps, you’ll find your shower head isn’t performing the way it used to or looking worn down. Has it ever been replaced? 

Luckily, upgrading your shower head is an easy, inexpensive fix that doesn’t demand much time or effort. What’s more, switching to low flow shower heads can help you save massive amounts of water and energy day by day. 


Read more about how you can save water with the right water-saving shower head and browse around to find the right model for your shower here.


4. Choose the right materials


Did you know that several materials we find in nature, including cork and linoleum, are not only more sustainable but also have natural anti-bacterial properties? And that solid surfaces built out of natural quartz can help prevent the formation of bacteria and mould?

If updating worn-out surfaces is a part of your plan, opt for materials that naturally create a clean, dry and fresh look while bringing more sustainable materials into your bathroom.


Woodio x Oras 27.tif


5. Redesign and reorganize


Finally, why not ensure the bathroom turns into a better room altogether? Given the amount of time we spend every day brushing our teeth, showering or even flipping through a magazine — prioritise adding that extra living space that allows you to move around more easily.

For example, consider wall-hung sinks to open up space. They can be perfectly matched with small-sized, slim or even wall-mounted faucet variants, helping you create a light and airy atmosphere. Also, make use of a wall-hung towel rack to provide a good amount of storage while not cutting down on available space.


Whether these ideas have just got you started or provided further insight for a project that’s well underway — we hope you can make use of a few of our tips.

Because no matter how ambitious your renovation plans, a clean and well-designed bathroom lasts for years to come.


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