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Picking the right shower solution is a crucial part of bathroom planning. With this guide, you will find a shower solution that matches your bathroom layout, personal needs, and design preference.


Picking the right shower solution is a crucial part of bathroom planning. After all, not every shower fits every bathroom layout. And not every shower matches your and your family's needs.

As you’re looking to find the right shower solution for your bathroom, you may be overwhelmed by a variety of models, each featuring different functions and designs.

In the process of exploring intelligent add-on features, such as water-saving technologies, we often forget to look at the basics: our bathroom set-up and our needs.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide that helps you stay focused and find the perfect shower for you and your family.


1. Know your dimensions

First, make sure you get a clear overview of your bathroom dimensions. Consider the size and layout of your bathroom. Where will the shower go and how much space do you have? Are you looking for a walk-in shower, a combination of shower and bathtub, or a small corner shower to save space?

If you’re limited in space

Hand showers with a shower rail or a wall bracket can be installed in the smallest of spaces and can be flexibly placed at an ideal height and location.

And going for a single showerhead doesn’t mean cutting down on comfort. Many of today’s hand shower sets feature different spray options, from relaxing sensitive sprays to pulsating massage sprays.

If you have more space available

Consider going for a rain shower or shower system that allows you to add multiple shower heads to your installation.

If you’re replacing an old shower, you’d ideally want your new shower system to fit into existing installation holes. If you’re installing a new shower from scratch, you need to make sure your walls are fit for mounting the shower’s wall brackets on top.


2. Know your user

Who is going to use the shower? Looking at the needs of your household will ultimately help decide on the placement of the hand shower to ensure everyone can access it, no matter their height.

For children or elderly people, hand showers are usually a great choice, compared to fixed showerheads. As part of a shower combination or a single unit, they can accommodate users of all kinds of heights and help access hard-to-reach places (e.g., the bathtub). This is particularly handy for people with limited mobility.


3. Know the difference between thermostatic and single-lever faucets

Once you know which shower solution matches your layout and needs, make sure to get familiar with the shower faucet.

Thermostatic shower faucets:

If you live in a household with children or elderly people, thermostatic showers can be a great choice. They feature a thermostatic cartridge that monitors and automatically ensures a stable shower temperature.

All thermostatic shower faucets operate with an integrated hot water safety lock, which automatically stops water flow if there is insufficient warm or cold water to prevent unpleasant bursts at either end of the temperature range.

Single lever shower faucets:

A common feature in many traditional bathrooms, single lever showers feature an integrated cartridge that adjusts water flow and mixes hot and cold water.

The temperature can be adjusted precisely with single-lever faucets, but they may not react to pressure and temperature changes in supplied hot or cold water. That means that operating other water points (e.g., the washing machine or washbasin faucet) can easily affect the water temperature and flow of your shower. Consider that this can become an issue in households with multiple occupants, especially with children.


All thermostatic shower faucets operate with an integrated hot water safety lock.


4. Know the features / Know your preferences

Last, get to know the special faucet features of today’s showers and ask yourself what you expect from your shower. Let’s have a look at a few features you may want to consider:

Safety functions

Do you expect your shower faucet to provide extra safety? Going for models with integrated safety features, such as THERMO COOL features, prevent the thermostat housing from heating up and help minimise the risk of burn injuries.

 To prevent scalding injuries caused by hot water, make sure to invest in showers with a maximum temperature limiter. It caps the temperature at 38 °C and minimises the risk of accidentally turning the water temperature handle up. The temperature limitation of 38 °C can be unlocked by pushing a safety button.

Water-saving features

If saving water is a concern, EcoFlow Control features with an integrated flow limiter can significantly cut down your daily water consumption.

Meanwhile, modern digital showers that are connected to Bluetooth provide you with real-time feedback via a built-in LED display and App and help reduce energy and water consumption by up to 22% per year.


Modern digital showers that are connected to Bluetooth provide you with real-time feedback via a built-in LED display and App

Wellness features

If you’re all in for the full wellness experience, showers with advanced water-therapy programmes allow you to select a variety of shower intervals and spray functions. Models designed for extra wellness, for example, let you choose between a range of dedicated RECOVER, RELOAD and RELAX programmes.




If you’re dreaming of a particularly sleek shower design, consider checking out the latest bathroom trends. Matt black editions, for example, are increasingly entering modern bathrooms, creating an elegant look while also featuring the same smart features of standard models.


Matt black editions are increasingly entering modern bathrooms.


No matter what shower solution you select, going for flexible and easily adjustable shower fixtures is crucial for ensuring a pleasant shower experience.

That’s why, when selecting a shower solution, always check that your shower is designed for easy installment and can be adjusted to your household’s needs. This will allow you to focus on the fun stuff, such as additional features and design.


Learn more about water-saving shower heads


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