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Troubleshooting bath and tile rim systems: What to do when the roll box no longer works, how to replace the shower hose and how to find the right parts for your project?

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In tile rim and bath rim systems, you’ll typically find a built-in roll box unit with an automatic hose wind, making sure the shower hose can be flexibly pulled out and drawn in when needed. They can be easily installed and serviced – if you stick to a few simple rules.

Here’s what you need to know about fixing and servicing roll box systems in both bath and tile rim systems.


Troubleshooting: what to do if the roll box no longer works?


A malfunctioning or broken return automatic usually requires you to replace the roll box with a new model.

That often means disassembling the concealed system into several parts to access the old and install a new roll box.

To lower the risk of injuries or incorrect installations, make sure to follow these three simple rules.


  1. Locate the roll box 


First, make sure whether the roll-up box is integrated into the bath or tile rim.

If integrated into the bath rim, you’ll have to open an inspection opening to access the roll box system.

If integrated into the tile rim, you’ll be able to lift out the entire roll box system from the top to insert a new one.

Simply follow our maintenance guide to correctly place the new roll box into your system.


2. Do not disassemble the roll box


No matter what’s causing the malfunction, never attempt to disassemble the roll box. In any case, the roll box must be completely replaced. If you open the roll box system, you may risk getting injured as the spring might pop out.


3. Make sure everything is sealed 

Once you successfully replaced the roll box with a new model, make sure all parts of the tile or bath rim system are correctly fitted and sealed. Check if the drain on the bottom of the roll box lies flat on the floor so the water can drain off properly.


How to exchange the shower hose?


Your customers may also ask you to replace the existing shower hose with a new one. Fortunately, the hose can be exchanged easily without uninstalling the roll box.


Here’s a step-by-step guide for exchanging the shower hose in no time

  1. Pull the hose all the way to the stop out of the holder
  2. Detach the hand shower from the shower hose
  3. Remove the cover rosette
  4. Loosen the Allen screws with a size 3 mm Allen wrench
  5. Now, you can take out the hose bushing together with the hose holder
  6. Pull out the hose all the way until you can see the pressure hose
  7. Detach the shower hose from the pressure hose. B.: Make sure to lock it to avoid back-flow (You can, for example, use the plastic ring that’s included for transport security in the packaging)
  8. Use a ring wrench to remove the shower hose
  9. Once both hoses are separated from one another, you can attach the new shower hose, refit the cover rosette and mount the hand shower to the new hose

On our YouTube Channel, you’ll find a step-by-step guide for changing the shower hose (in German).



N.B.: The roll box should also be connected to the drain. Our packages include a hose for the drain that perfectly fits with our bath fill and drain sets.


Find the right body parts


 Finding the right body parts is key for ensuring the frictionless operation of bath and tile rim systems as it, for instance, impacts the automatic retraction functionality of the roll box.

 To select the right one that matches your system’s dimensions, check the features and product number of your roll box and make sure each component can be fitted with the concealed body parts.

 Here’s what that means in 3 steps:

  1. Verify the type of concealed body : There are three different types of concealed bodies for the bathtub. Make sure you check your existing bathtub setup to find the right, fitting body parts.

You can choose between bodies that are:


  1. Check the setup of your body part : You’ll find that each body requires different cover parts. Check if your chosen system comes with 3 or 4 holes (see example below) to find matching cover parts.

Our tile rim systems, for example, come in two models with 3 or 4 holes.

  1. Explore your design options: Once you’ve narrowed down your body parts and know which type of cover parts (3 or 4 holes) match the existing body, you can start exploring a range of different style options for the cover parts.

Explore your design options for a 3-hole setup

Explore your design options for a 4-hole setup



 As one of our latest editions, the HANSASTELA, for example, comes in two variants for both 3- and 4-hole set-ups.


Tipp: If you have a 3-hole setup, you can consider installing the HANSAFILL bath fill and drain sets.





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