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By making the right choice of fittings, Essinger Wohnbau can fulfil a variety of building-specific requirements, as well as those of each individual householder.

As a classic real estate partner with many years experience in realising residential projects, Essinger Wohnbau attaches particular importance to an individually adapted and coherent overall concept, which at the same time offers high quality of living in the long term.

For the Essingen residential project in Limestraße, this specifically meant providing a wide range of design concepts and individual design options to engage and motivate every customer segment - from young to old.

Essinger WohnbauFind out what this means for the choice of sanitary fittings and why a flexible, collaborative partnership is essential when it comes to providing customers with the best choice in functionality and design.


About the Limesstraße project

Its scenic location and unique social environment make the source of the Rems river one of the most popular residential communities in the Ostalb district. The building plot in Limestraße offers a variety of apartments with an impressive view and a modern, sustainable overall design.

The show apartment is regularly visited by customers wanting to view the variety of different designs to get inspiration for their own homes. It is therefore possible to acquire the entire show apartment as is or choose from a pre-assembled customer package.


A fine balance: individual, functional and high-quality design

Residential projects with show apartments require a high level of versatility and flexibility. In order to offer a wide portfolio of different design options, the products used, from tiles and floors to sanitary and kitchen fittings, must be versatile and adaptable.  

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""Our goal was to use solid construction methods to build a KFW efficiency house 55 and to conceive a high quality of living for every customer segment, from families with children, single people to older generations," says Helmut Borst, authorised representative of the Essingen-based company".


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The discovery phase: Sanitary fittings for all occasions

During the decision-making process, Essinger Wohnbau focused on long-standing cooperation with its sanitary partner, HANSA. Particularly when it came to the project management, HANSA convinced them with its experience, constant exchange of information, rapid implementation and specific advice when dealing with questions and problems, which made it possible to meet any challenge quickly and easily. In this way, an appropriate solution was found to meeting the energy criteria, harmonising with the contemporary nature of the project and guaranteeing user-friendly operation.


In order to identify the right product family, product proposals were developed for the various customer packages that Essinger Wohnbau was able to present to its customers.


The result: Diverse design - unrestrained but never arbitrary

As one of our versatile design lines, HANSATWIST has an impressive extensive design portfolio. This flexibility made it possible for building projects, including those of Essinger Wohnbau, to adapt apartments to a wide variety of needs.


_DSC7869 (2)

The balanced line allows customers to adapt washbasin, kitchen and bathroom fittings to their needs and to combine different sizes, operating concepts and lever variants.

Thanks to product features such as user-friendly lever variants (bow lever or solid lever) and easy operability, HANSATWIST is suitable for older people as well as families with children, and can meet the demands of a broad range of users of all ages and generations.

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HANSATWIST at a glance

  • Extensive selection due to different lever variants and sizes 
  • Modern user-friendly bow lever for all generations  
  • Traditional or contemporary design 
  • Sustainability in the bathroom: only 6 l/min. pressure-independent water consumption 
  • Variants with practical functional shower heads 
  • Optional 150 degree swivel spout 
  • For the kitchen:  Carefree enjoyment, because the HANSAPROTEC system safeguards drinking water quality


_DSC7888 (2)

"The close cooperation with HANSA enabled us to react quickly and in a targeted manner to the challenges of the residential project, - explains Helmut Borst. The cooperative implementation process enabled us to offer versatile and adaptable sanitary equipment that simultaneously take into account the architectural design and integration of modern energy concepts.”

There are no limits to planning and design, especially in new building projects. It is often difficult to find a balance between flexible, customer-specific design ideas and a functional, coherent overall concept.



Discover the selected products

09012283 HANSATWIST XL Sink fitting

09092283 HANSATWIST Sink fitting

89859083 HANSATWIST Shower mixer tap

44150110 HANSAVIVA Shower rod with 44610400 HANSABASICJET Hand shower




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