Every encounter begins with a simple “hello”. This gives rise to communication, interaction, understanding. However, no longer just interpersonal. Through digitalisation and smart networking, we communicate with and through smart technologies. This is the future.

HELLO WATER! – At ISH, the focus is on encounter and interaction with the basic element of water, and they are networked intelligently.

The topic of connectivity extends to all areas at HANSA, both today and tomorrow. As such, the touchless faucets with Bluetooth® interface from the HANSA|LIVING segment can be controlled with the free HANSA app, as well as the complete HANSAELECTRA product family for professional project use in future. In addition to three pre-set shower programmes – RECOVER, RELAX, RELOAD – the HANSAEMOTION Wellfit shower system can also be customised by smartphone via the app and adjusted precisely to the needs of the user. Further digital innovations not only ensure that end users are more satisfied all round and their everyday kitchen, bathroom and shower use is more pleasant; sanitary, heating and air-conditioning specialists also benefit from smart developments. The HANSA Connect App and the new development of the HANSAMATRIX configurator are just two examples of what is possible as a service today and in the future in terms of smart networking. At ISH, with the “Future Bath Innovation Circle”, HANSA makes it possible to experience water performance with all the senses through multi-sense technology and offers a visionary insight into future developments: From activating and stopping the water flow by gesture control to modification of the spray variant depending on the use – the future has already begun, let’s welcome it by saying “hello!”

The Bluetooth® word mark is the property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and it is licensed for use by Hansa Armaturen GmbH.


Dülberg & Brendel GmbH
Am Wehrhahn 18
40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Dorothée Schumann
Telefon +49 211 640080


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