waterplanning: HANSA's product solutions enable architects and property planners to implement their projects individually.

Stuttgart – Strong partnerships produce strong brands. As one of the best-known trades brands, HANSA proves this through its close ties to retail and trades. This close partnership produces not just innovative product solutions, but new ways of thinking – inspiration. The brand's latest look, presented by HANSA in eye-catching style at regional trade fairs in 2018, is proof of that. It puts the spotlight on the primary element of water.

Competent, innovative and with strong designs – HANSA is famous for these attributes in the sanitary facilities sector. What is new is the brand's look. It immediately shows how inseparable HANSA is from the primary element of water.

Both kitchens and bathrooms revolve around the same thing: fittings. A water supply enables a wealth of activities: hygiene, wellness, drinking, cooking, cleaning and much more. With product solutions from HANSA, the elixir of life, water, can be installed. HANSA allows water to be planned, and makes access to it smarter and more convenient. Ultimately, HANSA reflects a young lifestyle.

The logical consequence of this link is the derivation of various fields for different target groups from the term ‘water’, such as waterinstallation, waterplanning, waterwellfit and waterstyle.

The new look is especially visible in the communication channels and picks up the various target groups where they are.

“With more than 100 years of tradition to look back on, HANSA is constantly working to transform the brand, in order to offer that crucial, relevant added value to generations of target groups in the business and end consumer sectors for the long term,” explains Sonja Besler, Manager Marketing & Communication at HANSA. “Customer behaviour has changed a lot over the last few years. New media, new customer touchpoints and the everyday flood of information are putting new demands on communication. Innovative cross-channel marketing concepts are now part of our holistic strategy, putting greater emphasis on new ways of gathering information and ensuring improved customer intimacy. We want to make the HANSA brand better known and make it more approachable and tangible,” continues Besler.


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