The HANSAELECTRA spout faucets (HANSA numbers 00870019 and 00880019) are available with Bluetooth connection from November 1st 2020 onwards. The Bluetooth connection brings many benefits to the installers as well as facility managers, making the adjustment of touchless faucet settings is easier than ever before. The new generation of spout faucets can be identified thanks to the Bluetooth laser mark on the bottom of the faucet. 

The new faucets are marked with the Bluetooth logo on the bottom. The new faucets are marked with the Bluetooth logo on the bottom.


Adjust and change faucet settings with HANSA Connect app

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the HANSAELECTRA spout faucets can now be monitored and adjusted with HANSA Connect App. With the app you, among other things:

  • Identify easily HANSA faucets with Bluetooth® sensor within the radius (up to 10 meters)
  • Access and keep track of important product information (e.g. remaining battery life, water consumption) and current settings
  • Personalize settings such as after-flow time, sensor sensitivity and weekly automatic flushing schedules flexibly based on customer requirements
  • Transfer saved settings to other faucets – save time!
  • Report the product information and settings made directly to your email account via the app

See a video of HANSA Connect app here



About HANSAELECTRA touchless spout faucet

HANSAELECTRA spout faucets for cold or premixed water are specifically designed for public use. Thanks to the reliable PSD sensor technology, the faucet reacts precisely on hand movement, making it user-friendly, safe and hygienic. As the water only runs when hands are under the sensor, no resources are wasted. You save water and energy every time you use it.

  • Hygienic and easy to keep clean – all the components inside the spout, no extra seams
  • NEW! Change parameters with HANSA Connect app
  • Touchless function – reliable PSD-Sensor
  • Laminar flow with minimal risk of the spread of microbes
  • Automatic flush possibility – schedule with HANSA Connect app
  • Battery-operated (2 x AA lithium batteries 1,5 V) – no need for power cable (Battery lifetime approximately 3 years)
  • Connection to a cold or pre-mixed water
  • Integrated shut-off valve
  • Available in two spout sizes: 175mm and 225mm

Electra touhcless spout faucet_ version small_ measurements00870019, 175mm

Electra touhcless spout faucet_ version large_measurements

00880019, 225mm


See the new HANSAELECTRA  variants here

The Bluetooth® trademark and logos are property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and their usage is licensed for Oras Group. Other brands and trade names are property of the respective owners

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