The popular HANSAMICRA shower series includes a complete shower system with thermostat, shower rail, large overhead shower and a functional hand shower. An additional design brings even more style to the bathroom, as HANSAMICRA STYLE is now available with a beautiful soft-cube design. The elegant and timeless new design matches a wide range of interiors – and budgets too. The particularly quick and easy installation makes it ideal for renovations. HANSAMICRA STYLE is a perfect mix of great design with easy installation and integrated water saving and safety features.


The new HANSAMICRA STYLE is a beautifully designed shower system that brings a high level of comfort to any bathroom. Easy to operate and individually adaptable to the needs of the user, it enables a relaxed shower experience for all generations. At the same time, the HANSAMICRA STYLE scores with sustainability, functionality and reliability thanks to the water-saving features and the high-quality and durable materials used. In order to realize a comfortable installation even in small bathrooms, the installation is particularly easy and individual adjustments - by e.g. shortening the shower rail - can be quickly implemented by the skilled craftsman.


Timeless design and sustainable features

Modern, timeless, sustainable - this is how HANSAMICRA STYLE presents itself in chrome look. Geometric shapes and slender proportions characterize the soft-cubic design, which blends harmoniously into the bathroom design and thus suits a wide variety of furnishing styles. For even more wellness feeling in the bathroom, the generously swiveling overhead shower has been enlarged to 200x200 mm, creating a unique rain shower experience.



The shower system is complemented by the HANSABASICJET STYLE hand shower - also in a design to match the shower head. As with the other showers in the HANSABASICJET series, the STYLE variant is also available as a three-spray model. The three soothing jet types - Relaxing, Refreshing and EcoFlow - can be adjusted smoothly and conveniently with just one hand using the easy-to-grip diverter. The user can easily choose from the generous, relaxing spray to and eco-friendly, gentle spray with only 9 liters per minute flow rate. Also the thermostatic mixer includes an EcoFlow handle, that can help to save up to 60% in water and energy use. Easy and sustainable cleaning of the entire shower system without harmful cleaning agents is child's play thanks to the anti-scale technology.


Flexible installation

The new HANSAMICRA STYLE shower system includes a surface-mounted thermostat, hand shower, overhead shower and a shower rail. No matter whether only the shower is to be renewed or a complete bathroom renovation is pending: HANSAMICRA STYLE can be installed quickly and flexibly. The wall-mounting element made of durable metal is flexible and easy to install, and the shower pipe can be easily shortened at the lower end as required. Installation under roof slopes, for example, is thus individually possible. Time during assembly is also saved by the one-piece shower rail, which can be installed without much effort.

HANSAMICRA STYLE shower system

For a safer shower experience

To ensure safe use, the HANSAMICRA STYLE is equipped with a THERMO COOL faucet body. This separates the water path from the body so that the surface of the thermostat never gets warm. Additional protection against scalding is provided by a hot water safety stop at 38 degrees Celsius, which prevents the faucet and water from being set to a higher temperature without pressing an additional button. A very useful function especially in families with small children or elderly people. The HANSAMICRA STYLE is thus used wherever a reliable, high-quality shower system with an attractive design at a fair price is sought.

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