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HANSA product novelties continue their success path in international design competitions: the freshly launched Stela washbasin faucet and the brand new digital hand shower HANSAACTIVEJET Digital both receive the coveted Red Dot Award 2021 in the Product Design category for outstanding design quality. Both cases show how sustainability, conscious use of water and refined design go hand in hand.

HANSAACTIVEJET Digital Red Dot Award 2021Red Dot Award winner 2021: HANSAACTIVEJET Digital

The special feature of the digital hand shower HANSAACTIVEJET Digital, which has meanwhile won several awards, lies in the detail: An integrated display shows the current water and energy consumption in real time during the shower. This gives consumers the opportunity to improve their own ecological footprint and reduce water and energy costs during every comfortable shower. The smart shower head with real-time feedback combines modern design with sustainability and thus promotes a more conscious use of limited resources. To track long-term developments, the Bluetooth®-enabled HANSAACTIVEJET Digital can also be connected to a handy app.

For the stylish hand shower, it’s the fourth design award this year: it has already won in two categories at the German Design Award 2021 and the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior 2021. 


HANSASTELA Red Dot Award 2021

Red Dot Award winner 2021: HANSASTELA

HANSASTELA - strong design with refined details

The sophisticated details of the HANSASTELA product series also combine the aspiration for sustainability with a trend-oriented look. The lever design, which is closed at the back, gives HANSASTELA a smooth, self-contained rear side. In the case of the award-winning washbasin faucet, however, it is not just the faucet itself that is a real eye-catcher, but also the flow of water: this variant is equipped with a wide aerator that gives the water a fascinating and particularly elegant diamond structure, reminiscent of a waterfall. However, the flow rate is limited to six liters per minute - ensuring economical consumption and thus sustainable use of water as a resource. Precise workmanship, narrow gap dimensions and the soft cubic shapes complete the overall picture. HANSASTELA faucets are designed to perfectly match modern bathrooms and washbasins.



Both HANSAACTIVEJET Digital and HANSASTELA show once again that design-oriented looks and sustainability in dealing with limited resources are not mutually exclusive, but can rather go hand in hand. The evaluation criteria of the Red Dot design prize, which has been awarded since 1955, include not only functionality, ergonomics and durability, but also ecological compatibility, among other things.  


The Bluetooth® word mark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and its use is licensed to Hansa Armaturen GmbH.


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