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Ever had the vision to renovate your house just the way you want it? So did Susanne from Norway. Find out how she brought stylish design, smart functionality, and sustainability to create the home of her dreams while saving energy and money.  

We’ve all caught ourselves imagining our dream home. In 2021, Susanne and her boyfriend, along with their 1-year-old daughter, turned that dream into reality. After buying a house that was almost unchanged since the 1980s, they decided to renovate the entire property, fitting it with an array of bathroom and kitchen faucets that made the place truly their own.  

A kitchen with yellow cabinets

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ORAS_susanne_860_480Susanne and her boyfriend mulled over an endless list of choices when planning the renovation project. “Where should we place the kitchen sink? What kind of faucets do we want in the guest bathroom? Do we want a bathtub, and if so, would the master bathroom need to be expanded?”  

Like many of us, she went online for inspiration, browsing the latest home trends while always consulting her boyfriend, who as a carpenter by trade, was responsible for overseeing all practicalities of the renovation project. Attention to detail was critical. Everything from shower placement to piping needed to be perfect, so working with plumbers and installers that could execute all their plans was essential.  


A splash of stylish design

It wouldn’t be worth working night and day to create your dream home if it didn’t bring a smile to you when you finished. For Susanne, design would make or break that smile. She wanted a sleek and stylish look throughout that complimented the rest of her design choices. 

Matt Black faucets were the perfect mix for Susanne and her boyfriend. They provided a striking contrast against the beige, natural backdrop of their home, while their special coating would also help to hide water splashes and ensures easier cleaning. 


A clear focus on sustainability that guided decision making 

Apart from usability and elegance, all choices were driven by a desire to save water, energy and materials throughout the renovation project.  

And that meant integrating sustainability into every aspect of their renovation plans, from using nature-based elements to hunting down a series of second-hand furnishings that they brought back to life.  


Planning for water and energy savings from day one 

Protecting resources doesn’t stop once renovations are finished. For Susanne and her boyfriend, saving water and energy in their daily lives was another key priority.  

That’s why, when faced with the choice of faucet and shower systems, fixtures with water and energy-saving features were a must.


The Guest bathroom: Smart functionality for sustainability with style 

Touchless faucets are often associated with public restrooms. However, as demands on resource efficiency and design were high, Susanne didn’t hesitate to make use of smart technology in her own home.  

Not only because it helps avoid wasted water running through smart sensors. But also, because it significantly improves hand hygiene and creates a fresh look through modern, minimalistic design.  

A mirror above a toilet

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The kitchen: Combining the best of both worlds

Apart from ensuring resource-efficient use, functionality and comfort were top of mind for the perfect overall kitchen design.  

 That’s why Susanne selected a hybrid faucet for their workstation, featuring both touchless and manual handles.  

This not only ensured a more convenient and hygienic kitchen routine, for example, by eliminating touching the faucet with greasy hands when cooking, but it also helped control water temperatures and water use.  


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“This kitchen faucet is perfect. It has all the functions that you need. A temperature display shows the exact temperature and signal if the water gets too hot. That’s not only a huge safety benefit. It also helps us save energy and ensures water only runs when we actually need it.”

The main bathroom:  The small things that matter  

Safety and sustainability were not just top of mind in the kitchen but also in the main bathroom. With their one-year-old daughter, avoiding the risk of burning or scalding in the bathroom was a key priority for the new family.  

With the renovation project, they also made their dream come true: Creating a cozy relaxation zone with a rounded off bathtub and small decorative features that make the time we spend in our bathrooms a little more special.  

 A bathtub with a faucet

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The combination of an elegant bathtub faucet with a low-flow hand shower and a matching matt black Rainshower in the shower, brought life to an aesthetic that complements their personal values and drive for safety and sustainability: An integrated EcoFlow limiter and temperature stop at 38°C helps conserve water and provides a perfectly safe and comfortable wellness zone. 

ORAS_susanne_bathroom_860x480A shower with a glass door

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Looking back on the completed renovation project, Susanne was thrilled with the finished result.  

“The choices are many, but it’s been a very memorable and good experience and I think we’ve made the dream home that we want to live in for ourselves and our daughter.” 

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