HANSA was selected as the winner for the 21st consecutive time and therefore remains the “Trade’s No. 1 Brand” in Germany. 

The success story continues: since the questionnaire began in the history of the mi-Services Review for Sanitary faucets, HANSA has held the top position every time. And that’s how it was again this year. HANSA was selected as the winner for the 21st consecutive time and therefore remains the “Trade’s No. 1 Brand” in Germany. 

Every two years the trade’s information service “markt intern (mi)” carries out the Services Overview for Sanitary Installations-Taps. In nation-wide questionnaires, craftsmen and distributors are asked how satisfied they are with the services provided by established German faucet manufacturers. The criteria that are to be judged are made up of the categories product, income, services and distribution. 

Top marks were awarded primarily in the fields of trade focus and online strategy. Here HANSA emerged as the clear winner. But also in other categories, such as for example the attention the manufacturer pays to its customers, product quality, product range policy, sales support, handling of deliveries and complaints and support for the property business, the Stuttgart manufacturer occupied its customary dominant position.

“We are proud and grateful for this recognition” says the Chief Business Officer of the HANSA brand, Georgios Kabitoglou. “HANSA is Nr. 1 in the trade for the 21st time in succession – that is a record which proves how the trade appreciates us as a reliable partner. With an overall grading of 2.34, our ambition is also an obligation: to deliver and cultivate the highest quality from every aspect right through to installation, maintenance and repair. The great trust expressed by our partners provides us with both motivation and energy, to ensure that the HANSA brand remains successful in future. During the next few years, we will intensify the cooperation with our partners even further and continue to give reliable support to the sanitary, heating and air conditioning trade.”


Additional information: www.hansa.com 

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