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Great kitchens come with a practical and efficient workspace. Here are our must-haves.

We spend an average of 61 minutes per day in the kitchen. And while that’s half the amount of time our parents spent chopping and cooking, it still calls for a well-designed and practical kitchen.

A smart, touchless kitchen faucet has many features that make cooking more hygienic and safe.

If you, like many of us, have spent the past year perfecting your breadmaking skills or trying out that French recipe that had been stuck on your fridge door for so long – you are likely aware that a comfortable, spacious and fully equipped kitchen is at the heart of it all.

In case your kitchen lacks space, good organisation is ever more important.

If, on the contrary, your kitchen feels too empty, you might consider adding a kitchen island. If you do, we recommend not to place it too far from the rest of the kitchen.

And while there's no one kitchen solution that fits every one of us, let’s explore the 5 must-haves for the perfect kitchen workspace that will make you enjoy cooking even more – whether you’re just making space or adding new features and functionalities to your setup.


family-in-the-kitchen-washing-dishes_860x480A perfect kitchen workstation should have easy access to water.


  • Easy access to water - consider the location of your water station. Having easy access to water is key for a functional kitchen station. From washing dishes and hands to rinsing vegetables to filling pots with water, your sink should be within perfect reach.


  • Plenty of workspace – even if your kitchen is small, make sure to save enough space on your kitchen countertop for a proper workstation: it’s crucial. You don’t want to have pots, pans and cutting boards crammed together with your food. This means decluttering your space and avoiding having too many objects lying around. Maybe consider investing in a hanging cabinet for that extra storage space, to ensure your workstation is clear?


  • Smart Hybrid Kitchen Faucet – as you’ll want your space to be practical and efficient, we believe hybrid faucets pack all you need into one easy-to-use fixture. Hybrid kitchen faucets combine the benefits of touchless kitchen faucets with the traditional setup of manual levers. This improves hygiene and overall functionality in our kitchens. You can reduce the contact of dirty hands with faucet and surfaces and consequently minimise the risk of stains or bacteria sticking to your appliances – All while being able to regulate water flow and temperature with the levers.

Hybrid kitchen faucets combine the benefits of touchless kitchen faucets with the traditional setup of manual levers.



  • Plug sockets – there’s nothing more annoying than having long cables lying around or having to move to a separate area of the kitchen simply to plug in a mixer. Make sure your workspace has enough plug sockets for you to carry out your cooking session as comfortably as possible.


  • Enough light – while we all agree that diffused light gets you in the mood for a relaxing evening, you will want your workspace to be bright enough for you to see what you’re chopping. So, invest in that extra source of light, be it a spotlight or a standing lamp, it’s up to you.


  • A big wooden cutting board – wooden elements always add a simple touch of style to any room and for your kitchen workstation, we recommend investing in a large cutting board (enough to cover a significant chunk of your workspace) made of sturdy wood. It will look great and provide you with a practical and easy-to-clean surface that will always come in handy.


From hybrid faucets to spotlights, there are a few items we think should be on your checklist if you’re revisiting your kitchen layout or building a new kitchen altogether. Keep in mind that a comfortable, clutter-free workstation is a fantastic feature – whether we’re stuck at home, or simply have guests over.

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