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As with many interior design trends, we often wonder how long they are able to stick around. Yet, when it comes to black, its classy and elegant appeal sticks over the long run — whether it’s for your next chair, sofa or faucet.

HANSATWISTA matte black kitchen faucet in white kitchen


Every year, colours go in and out of fashion, maintaining a relatively short shelf life. Yet the appeal and elegance of black remain timeless. It’s a colour that holds character, creates ambience and will always look and feel valuable.

We choose to wear black on a night out, or even for a stroll in the city; we collect black furnishings to give character to our living rooms; and we pick dark-hued appliances to add a touch of sophistication.

Yet, when it comes to our bathrooms and kitchens, are black faucets outshining chrome? It seems like the trend is proving popular: according to interior design bloggers at Lusso, sales for black faucets increased twelvefold in 2019 compared to chrome-plated fixtures.

We believe that, for classic and contemporary homes alike, dark fixtures can give bathrooms and kitchens that boost they need, a touch of elegance and refinement.

And black fixtures are having more than just a moment — they are here to stay. Let us tell you why.



  1. Black is the new neutral -– While a lighter palette and white-on-white interiors might have for long been considered aesthetically neutral, designers believe darker tones in our kitchens and bathrooms keep things neutral while still adding character.

  2. It is highly adaptable – Whether the faucets are paired with marble surfaces, a monochrome palette or a colourful interior, black easily matches its surroundings. This makes it a highly adaptable colour that can easily fit any space.

  3. It’s timeless – Black will stick around, as it has for decades. It’s a colour we hardly get sick of, so investing in a black faucet is a worthwhile investment you make for life.

  4. It’s aesthetically pleasing – Not only can black stand the test of time, but there is little doubt the colour looks good, especially when contrasted with lighter hues. Black-filled rooms might be heavy on the eye, but black details make for sleek and classy accents.  

  5. It adds character – If you are thinking your white-tiled bathroom looks a little bland, black tapware can add that extra touch of character and instantly transform the room into a unique space.

  6. It looks valuable – We all enjoy adding a touch of refinement and class to our homes without breaking our budget — and black can easily deliver just that.

  7. Forget fingerprint marks As we all enjoy tidy and clean homes, we know how annoying fingerprint marks on chrome-plated fixtures can get. Thanks to an electroplated finish, fingerprints on matt black faucets stay invisible for a little longer — and bear in mind this applies to faucets with matt black finishes only.

  8. Strong coating is king – While this might not apply to all black fixtures on the market, Oras/HANSA matt black faucets include meticulous nano-coating, which helps protect the faucet’s surface from dirt and scratches. Make sure to check out our checklist on what to look out for in a black faucet!


So, whether you are looking to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen, or just add a touch of class and sophistication, black faucets might just make the cut – timelessly.


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