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Stuttgart – Be it at work, in everyday life or in sport, those who achieve a lot and put themselves under strain need a chance to step back and bring their body, mind and soul back into balance. That is exactly why the HANSAEMOTION wellness shower system with three therapeutic regeneration functions was developed. It brings the proven methods of warm/cold water treatment into private bathrooms, at the touch of a button.

The HANSAEMOTION thermostat programme and the wellness applications are perfectly complemented by the HANSAACTIVEJET hand showers, here HANSAACTIVEJET STYLE.

Water as a bringer of health. Relax, recover, recharge the batteries – the HANSAEMOTION wellness shower system helps. It makes the healing power of water tangible for the body. At the touch of a button. Developed in collaboration with medical practitioners, physiotherapists and health experts, HANSAEMOTION with the optional wellness function creates a totally new wellness experience in the home bathroom. At its heart is the HANSAEMOTION thermostat with optional wellness function. A touch of the wellness button in the centre of the thermostat is all it takes to select one of three wellness programmes.

Each programme has a different effect on the body in line with our everyday experiences, i.e. is empirical. Athletes, for example, might want an ice bath after training, while workers are more likely to choose the long warm water cycles to relax their muscles.

The three wellness programmes:

With its long warm water phases and gentle temperature changes, the RELAX function has a calming effect. It helps with relaxation and can reduce blood pressure and levels of stress hormones.

With its balanced warm and cold stimuli, the RELOAD function is ideal for stimulating circulation and giving the body new energy. Its users are guaranteed to get the day off to a fresh, agile and active start.

In the RECOVER function, intensive cold water cycles create a cool down effect that can help to relax muscles, prevent muscle stiffness and even strengthen the cardiovascular system in the long term. It is the ideal shower solution after sport or hard physical work.

Once the programme is finished, the water therapy treatment stops automatically and the water continues to flow at the preset temperature. The function can be interrupted at any time at the touch of a button. An especially practical function is the ability to control the various programmes via the app.

Pure wellness thanks to design and quality

Even without the wellness option or as a model for the bathtub, the HANSAEMOTION thermostat is an impressive product. Inside, high-quality, corrosion-resistant DZR brass guarantees a long lifespan. Outside, the soft, pleasantly-curved shape of the underside, the flush wall mounting and the safety glass shelf on the top play their part. The easy-care glass attachment is available in “space grey” or “clear white”. Large, ergonomic knobs accessible directly on the front make the thermostat intuitive to operate. The THERMO COOL function prevents the housing from heating up. As an option, the shower system is also available with a directly-connected shower head, whose rectangular form envelops the body in water completely. The HANSAEMOTION thermostat programme and the wellness applications are perfectly complemented by the HANSAACTIVEJET and HANSAACTIVEJET STYLE hand showers with their round or soft-edged shower heads – each available in a single-jet or three-jet version.

Prize-winning design

The HANSAEMOTION wellness shower system won two design prizes in 2017: the Iconic Award and the GOOD DESIGN® Award.

Examining the design process holistically, the German Design Council's Iconic Award rewards visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication in all fields of architecture, construction, real estate and the production industry. Its focus is on holistic presentation.

The GOOD DESIGN® Award is given to products that bring together functionality, aesthetics, form and material in a special way and meet the demands of innovation.

Started by Edgar Kaufmann in 1950, the award is one of the world's longest-standing design prizes. It is awarded annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, in conjunction with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. The judges are respected company representatives and international professionals from the art and design sector.


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